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So how does this wedding videography thing work?
We know how full on organising a wedding is, so we try to keep our part as simple as possible. Our style heavily leans to the candid so you enjoy the getting married part and we grab the moments. We aren’t there to direct how your video should look, it’s all the best parts of what your wedding day was.

Can Different Suns work alongside our photographer?
Absolutely! We’ve built our style knowing the photographer has a huge role to play and plenty to do and we’re not there to be in the way of that. Video is a different beast and our philosophy works around knowing that candid works best.

We don’t really want to pose, is that ok?
Very much so. Within 10 minutes you’ll forget the camera is there and we’ll go about being that fly on the wall you hear about. Our philosophy is the less you’re thinking about a camera the better the results.

Do I need 2 videographers?
Not necessarily - but it is a better flick when you do. One shooter works well when we’re all in one location for the day to minimise some logistics and maximise the footage. Two shooters also does allow us to split up and see the parts of the day you’ve missed. Think the getting ready before the ceremony, guests arriving, a groom’s reaction as his bride walks the aisle, cocktail hour, the styled reception room all set up and those extra set of eyes grabbing the moments that happen so fast.

Will the cameras be in the way?
We sit back out of the way on long lenses so your guests can enjoy it all as they should.

How long do you stay? Will you stay a little longer?
We’ll always stay until we have more than enough to make a vid we know we’ll both be stoked with. Mostly it’s by 10 pm as most things are done by then and foreheads tend to get pretty sweaty on camera after that. If there’s something happening after that you’d like us there for it’s $250p/h and we’ll edit that together for you too.

Do you use a drone? Is it extra?
We always have the drone in our kit which we don’t charge extra for. Occasionally some locations we may be prohibited to fly but apart from that we’ll be up there.

Can I choose the music?
For your feature film the tracks can be anything you like although tracks for the short films have to come from a licensing website. We have a huge library of them and generally we choose a track that suits the day. We are happy for couples to be involved in track selection if you’re keen to sift through the libraries – hit us up.

What’s in the feature film?
Your ceremony and speeches are edited together from multiple cameras and in full as they happened. Then there’s all the highlights of the day– all the getting ready, pre-ceremony, reception room/cocktail hour and all of the reception formalities and highlights.

How long until we receive our film?
In the week after your wedding we’ll have a short trailer for you (Silver & Gold Packages) The rest depends a bit on the time of year but generally the short film in the 6-10 week range and the feature film not long after. Our contract states a bit longer but we’re just playing it safe.

How do we receive our film?
DVDs and USBs aren’t our favourite. One scratch and a DVD is dead or one tidy up and a USB is gone. We deliver all our films via an online portal that anyone can stream from anywhere. From here you can also download the videos directly to your own computer or if you still have family that would still like a DVD or USB we can arrange it. Here is a mock sample of the online video to give you an idea; 

We’re after a certain style, can you do that?
We’re always keen to hear what’s important for your video and how we can do that. It’s something of a happy medium of how we shoot and what you want for your video. We encourage you to watch a few of our vids to get an idea of how yours can look.

 Alright, lets do this! How do we lock you in?
If you would like to catch up we’re always around – either before booking or before the day it’s always great to go over things and get an idea on what’s important for you guys. To lock us in we’ll check the date is free and if so it’s $750 at the time of booking and the balance due a few weeks out from the day